The Southwestern Law Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) legal services organization dedicated to ensuring access to justice for all. We use a “low bono” approach to provide legal services to Arizonans who fall between 125% and 375% of the federal poverty guidelines.

In Arizona, there is a gap between people who qualify for free legal services through the public defender or legal aid, and those who can afford a full-priced attorney. The gap is large, and it includes both the poor and the solidly middle-class.

That’s where the SWLC comes in.

Our fees are tied to a person’s ability to pay. Under our Pricing Scale, a family of four making $31,000 would pay only $85 per hour for legal services. Compare that to the average rate of $300 per hour for private attorneys. Our rates ensure that people with low-to-middle incomes have access to top-notch legal representation when they need it.

We offer direct services to clients in criminal appeals, post-conviction relief, civil rights restoration, prisoners’ rights / §1983, attorney admissions (Character & Fitness), and family law. We also handle will & trusts, guardianships, mediation, and small-business and nonprofit formation.

Along with our direct client services, the SWLC provides services to other attorneys and nonprofits in Arizona. We offer mitigation specialist services to attorneys representing clients in both death penalty and non-death penalty cases. We also provide investigative services as co-counsel on cases requiring intensive investigations. The SWLC can also act as a process server to serve legal documents.

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