If you are an attorney working on a death penalty case, whether at the trial level or in post-conviction, you know the essential role of a high-quality Mitigation Specialist in your case. A good Mitigation Specialist can ensure that the judge and jury in your client’s case hears about the positive side of your client’s life, as well as the physical and emotional injuries that your client has suffered. A high-qualify Mitigation Specialist can help save your client’s life.

The SWLC’s Arizona Mitigation Specialist, David Gurney, is qualified by knowledge, skill, experience, and training to present mitigating factors in your client’s case and persuade the judge or jury that your client should not receive the death penalty. David has extensive experience and has worked with many nonprofits, including the Arizona Capital Representation Project and the Wrongful Conviction Clinic at the University of Arizona.

A Migitation Specialist is also useful in non-death penalty cases, and having one on your team can set you apart from other defense attorneys. The SWLC’s Arizona Mitigation Specialist can help ensure that your client receives a lower sentence by presenting mitgiating factors to the court.

Mitigation is a complex task that requires extensive investigation, medical, education, and family record gathering, expert vetting, and interviews with your client’s family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. All of these tasks come together to help form a complete picture of your client’s life and humanity. David Gurney, the SWLC’s Arizona Mitigation Specialist, is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to you and your client. No stone will be left unturned, and David will consult with you throughout the process and present you with thorough and easy-to-understand documents for you to review and incorporate into your case. David will then work with you to present the mitigation evidence to the judge or jury.

The SWLC’s Arizona Mitigation Specialist works with public defenders offices, private attorneys, and nonprofits. Our fees reflect our nonprofit mission. We charge either $85 per hour or the fee set by the attorney, whichever is lower.